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With Experience, Comes an Edge...Sterling Style.

Jim Sterling has achieved a long and successful track record in the Energy business. Armed with a BS in Physics from the University of Houston and an MBA from Columbia University, it is a combination of hands-on experience and book smarts that defines him as one of the best experts in the Energy sector.

His experience as a chief executive and his contacts in the "oil patch" have enabled him to go beyond typically published financial information distinguishing him as a leader in his universe.

A prolific portfolio manager from a large investment fund recently commented:

“Jim’s reports prove to be incisive, accurate, and especially useful in comparing the intrinsic value of each company to its market capitalization. The reports were also quite helpful in anticipating future developments including changes in income statements and balance sheets. All of his reports are based on thorough due diligence, including lengthy interviews with subject company top management, and visits to headquarters and fields operations. It is in forecasting a company’s organic growth from probable and possible reserves that he makes his greatest contribution. In other words, Jim picks up where many other analysts leave off.”

Authentic Research

As an independent research provider, the Sterling Account is not bound to the traditional Wall Street protocol: the reports are not driven by the amount of commissions since it is a subscription-based service. And the analysis is entirely unbiased while all advice is based on market conditions, not your portfolio.